Holistic REBOX System

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produced per year*
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* 7kW Holistic REBOX System; ** in Hungary, where the average price is 0.11 euros/kWh 

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How Holistic REBOX System is made

The Holistic REBOX System is a complete stand-alone SPV power generation and energy storage solution, which can deliver electricity, hydrogen (or thermal energy) and water to the user/owner.

To reach this outcome the REBOX is made of three components: the novel/proprietary Holistic-SPV module, a solar photovoltaic converter that takes out both electricity and heat; the air miner, capable to both extract and sequester the CO2 already in the the atmosphere; and the energy storage.

A solar photovoltaic converter that takes out both electricity and heat. The innovation of the solar energy converter is that it utilises multi junction thin films (PV duo, CIGS + a-Si, PV trio, CIGS + a-Si + a-SiC or other high-band gap thin film semi conductors), applicable for both terrestrial and space use.

This solar technology will realise electrical panel efficiencies of close to 37% in a market where the maximum commercially available efficiency is approximately 22% today, with a potential to realise 100%+ increase in power in the same physical footprint.

The global average CO2 in the atmosphere amounts to 405.0 parts per million, meaning that CO2 levels today are higher than at any point in the past 800,000 years. Human emissions account for 2-3 ppm/year. By 2050 it could be 5 ppm/ year, bringing the annual emissions to 50 GT/ year.

The air miner will be capable to both extract and sequester the CO2 already in the atmosphere, as well as the water present in the air.

A proprietary NiFe battery system, with increased round trip efficiency of 95%+ which is a combination of NiFe battery and H2 generation and storage, designated NIFEL.

This is a sealed system also with automatic water filling capability. The hydrogen is generated by water electrolysis, and it is stored in any of its three forms: it can be stored as a high pressure hydrogen up to 800 bars as a gas; it can be stored in a solid, such as magnesium hydrides, where up to 5% of weight can be hydrogen; and finally it can stored in a liquid, such as synthetic methanol, where the hydrogen can be taken out catalytically, and the remaining CO2 to be recycled.


Solar Hydrogen Farm

The hydrogen produced will be stored as liquid so that it can be easily transported everywhere. The solar hydrogen farm will bring clean energy to all those highly polluted and with low-sunshine hours places (i.e. Beijing).

Historical Monuments Power Source

Transporting energy will be very useful for all those buildings that will not install solar panels on their beautiful facades (i.e. cathedral, old churches and other historical buildings). Holistic REBOX System will use the energy produced elsewhere, turning also monuments’ energy into a green one.

Totally Clean EV Charging Stations

Although many countries are building more EV charging stations, almost none of them can be considered 100 per cent clean. By utilizing Holistic REBOX System, an EV can be charged with 100% renewable energy.

Clean Public Transportation

Thanks to their bigger engines and the high pollution emitted, city busses are the ideal candidates to be transformed into totally clean transportation.