Our Team

zoltan kiss

Dr. Zoltan Kiss

Holistic Solar’s founder, he is a world-class physicist entrepreneur with over 50 years of experience in the SPV and energy sector. He is partially responsible for the development of thin film SPV technology, starting his career in the early days of PV at RCA Laboratories in Princeton NJ as the Director of Quantum Electronics Research. He is also responsible for the following disruptive technologies: sun-pumped laser for the US Department Of Defense, the invention of LCD (solution then sold to Mitsubishi) and the first thin film solar factories, built in the US, in China and in Hungary.

scott blow

Scott Blow

He is the CEO of Holistic Solar Holding with 25 years of experience as a leader in the business world. Prior to taking the leadership helm of Holistic Solar, he led the Economic Development Corporation for New Jersey’s largest City, where he assisted in the generation of over 2 billion dollars in economic development activity and created an innovative network of retail business incubators.

orian johnson

Orian W. Johnson

CEO of Holistic Solar USA, he has 45 years of business experience and has developed Proprietary Technology in Building, Construction and Health. He has developed 12 schools in underserved areas and comprehensive economic development programs to support these community organisations. Orian has raised over $100M in investment for these endeavors.

isaac lund

Dr. Isaac Nelson Lund

He is an electrochemical engineer with certified experience in running start-ups. He is an innovator and entrepreneur with a strong background in material science, electrochemistry and engineering.

Steven H. Gifis

He is a member of the advisory board. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Law School and spent the first 15 years of his career as a Law Professor at the Rutgers Law School in Newark, until he migrated into the solar industry in 1981.

Peter Kovacs

Director of Manufacturing, he is a Computer and Microprocessor Engineer. Peter has been one of the top technologists in the SPV field for over a decade, traveling the globe consulting on SPV manufacturing solutions and technology on several continents.