holistic solar

The name “holistic” refers to a multidimensional value-added approach that includes more efficient solar energy generation, heat recapture, and the simultaneous recapturing of CO2 in the atmosphere. It includes a solution that will have a profoundly positive impact on people in different markets across the globe. Those without power today, will have power. Those with solar will have a secure, clean backup and off-peak power solution.

Holistic Solar was founded in 2017, with the holding now registered in the United States (Certificate number: 139630383 and EIN: 82-1670634) and the operating and R&D centre in Hungary. Holistic Solar Holding owns all the IPs plus 33% of the Hungarian branch.

The company was founded following the dream of Dr. Zoltan Kiss: building a community where nobody has to pay for the sun anymore.

holistic solar company